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Our six FREE weekly video sessions feature expert guests who know how important business strategy and personal growth are in a successful company. Each session welcomes a professional respected in the business or entrepreneurial world who shares with you their secrets to success.

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Tuesday, April 24 at 1:00pm EST

Introducing Mike Michalowicz, renowned business man and author of Profit First

A regular Your Business consultant on MSNBC, Mike Michalowicz has made a name in the business world for helping small businesses turn profit lost to profit gained with four easy organization tips.

An alumnus of Virginia Tech, Mike first made a name for himself founding two multi- million-dollar businesses. Now he helps small business owners experience the same success he has found through strategies outlined in his books; Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, and now Profit First.

Join Josh and Mike as they discuss Mike’s counter-intuitive business model and how it can improve your bottom line in just a few simple steps.

dr marty becker photo

Tuesday, May 1 at 1:00pm EST

Introducing Dr. Marty Becker, who we are thrilled to announce is our PetSittingOlogy Keynote Speaker for #PSO2018

Dr. Marty Becker is a lifelong animal advocate, author of twenty-five books and nationally recognized veterinarian. In his many years as a pet professional, he has become a pet authority on shows such as Martha Stewart, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN and Good Morning America.

Dr. Becker has devoted his life to improving the lives of animals off the screen through animal advocacy and promoting pet-care awareness. A practicing veterinarian, his continued education in pet rescue work, shelter networks, and the needs of America’s pets makes him an authority the pet professional world.

Join Dr. Becker and Josh as they discuss the evolving needs of pet owners and how pet sitters can expand their services to offer these essential services, staying ahead in the world of professional pet sitting.

time to pet photo

Tuesday May 8 at 12:00pm EST

Introducing Mike Grenier, co-founder of Time to Pet, essential software for the pet professional {Official Pet Sitting Software Partner of #PSO2018}

Many of you use and rely on the Time to Pet software every day in your professional life for it’s easy invoicing, scheduling and constant contact between pet service providers and clients.

Now you can get to know the face behind the indispensable software and take advantage of his outsider perspective as someone who has worked extensively with pet professionals, helping them become successful through innovation.

With clients such as Frolic Pet Services, Barks and Blooms and Rock Star Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, Time to Pet can offer insight into the successful habits of the pet industry’s most successful brands.

Join Josh and Mike as they discuss the habits of a successful business owner and how to utilize tools of the trade to improve business efficiency.

Listen to Jeremy tell you his own story in this 2-minute clip!

Tuesday May 15 at 12:00pm EST

Introducing Jeremy Wenger, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and founder of Legacy Driving Life

“What you do now is what people will remember you by.” A quote by Jeremy Wenger which can guide your both your life and your business into a positive direction.

Growing up in an abusive home, Jeremy was able to forgive his father just a week before his father was murdered by an unknown assailant. Years later, when police finally found who killed him, Jeremy again used positivity and forgiveness to tell his father’s murderer he wished him only good things.

Pairing his belief in the power of forgiveness with his savvy business sense, he can offer direction and motivation to living a positive life for the busy professional.

Listen in as Josh and Jeremy discuss how this frame of mind can benefit your business and your life to create a more peaceful atmosphere while advancing professionally.

NOTE: Jeremy will be joining us live at our conference in Las Vegas to further help you create more peace in your life.

John David Mann photo

Tuesday May 22 at 12:00pm EST

Introducing John David Mann, entrepreneur and co-author of The Go-Giver book series

Former award-winning cellist and composer, John David Mann turned to business and journalistic pursuits after the age of 18 and has become a household name for many industries.

A celebrated author, John has helped write several award-winning books which focus on leadership, the laws of success, and how to excel in business. The successful founder of several successful businesses, he now teaches business owners the secret to his success – adding value to others’ lives first before their own.

Join Josh and John as they discuss John’s new book, The Go-Giver Influencer, and how business owners can use the book’s message towards their own success in the most positive way possible: through selflessness.

Jason Waggoner photo

Tuesday May 29 at 12:00pm EST

Introducing Jason Waggoner, entrepreneur, positivity coach, and Vice President of Acutraq Background Screening

Effective background checks for potential independent contracts is an essential part of a well-run business. This is why Acutraq Background Screening has made a reputation for themselves as the go-to service to ensure your employees will be a credit to your company.

An accomplished musician and martial arts guru, Jason also knows the value of positive thinking in business and personal life. That’s why he founded and advocates for the UmeetU movement, which focuses on personal positivity, growth, and how it can affect all areas of your life. UmeetU is a team dedicated to positivity and motivation that pushes people to get what they want in life.

As a huge fan of PSO and its members, Jason will talk with Josh about his company’s service and how it can benefit you, what he’s learned as Founder of UmeetU, and will reveal details about the official pet sitter industry song he is writing, debuting at the live PSO2018 Conference this October!

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